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Curtin University
Collaboration for Evidence, Research and Impact in Public Health


The Collaboration for Evidence, Research, and Impact in Public Health (CERIPH) is a multi-disciplinary research centre within the School of Public Health. CERIPH was formerly known as the Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research (WACHPR) which was established in 1986 and was the first research centre in health promotion to be established by an Australian university.

CERIPH views health promotion as a combination of educational, organisational, economic, social and political actions designed with meaningful participation, to enable individuals, groups and whole communities to increase control over, and to improve their health through attitudinal, behavioural, social and environmental changes (Howat, Maycock et al, 2003).

CERIPH has built and demonstrated high level expertise and research strength in:

  • The design, planning, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of quality integrated health promotion programs.  
  • Health promotion approaches using community and settings based interventions, peer and social influence, social marketing, advocacy, community mobilisation and sector capacity building.
  • Health promotion that improves outcomes in nutrition, physical activity, mental health, sexual health and sexuality, alcohol and other drug use, injury prevention and environmental and community health.
  • Promotion and dissemination of evidence based practice and building practice based evidence. 
  • Provision of research training and capacity building techniques to undergraduate and postgraduate students, allied health promotion professionals and community workers.
  • Building sustained partnerships and collaborations with vulnerable and most at risk communities and relevant community, government and private sector organisations.