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2013 Healthway Visiting Fellow Professor Margaret Barry Seminar Presentations

Professor Margaret Barry
2013 Healthway Visiting Fellow Professor Margaret Barry
(hosted by WACHPR)

Healthway (the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation) seeks to promote and support healthy lifestyles to reduce the burden of preventable disease in Western Australia. The key priorities for Healthway are reducing harm from tobacco, reducing harm from alcohol, reducing obesity and promoting good mental health. Grants for the Healthway Visiting Fellow are provided to organisations to host a leading expert in issues of practice and research significant to health promotion in Western Australia for up to three months.

Professor Margaret Barry is the Professor of Health Promotion and Public Health, and Head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion Research at the National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway.

The emphasis of Professor Barry’s research and practice is on community mental health promotion in a range of settings and public perceptions of mental health and health inequalities.  Professor Barry has extensive experience in evidence based practice and evaluation research in health promotion, along with health promotion competencies.

Series of seminars presented by Professor Margaret Barry:

  1. Mainstreaming Mental Health Promotion: promoting mental health across sectors. 
    The seminar will address the mainstreaming of mental health promotion through policy and practice development and consider how a wider set of community and professional partners can be engaged in unlocking the potential for mental health promotion across diverse sectors of society. 
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  2. Closing the Implementation Gap in Mental Health Promotion: translating policy and research into practice. 
    This seminar focuses on researching the process of implementing mental health promotion interventions in complex naturalistic settings in order to identify the factors and conditions which can facilitate high quality implementation.
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  3. Implementing Mental Health Promotion in Community Settings: school based interventions.
    This seminar addresses the numerous factors that influence intervention implementation in schools and draws on findings from a recent study examining the implementation of an emotional wellbeing programme within the context of disadvantaged primary schools.  
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