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Curtin University
Collaboration for Evidence, Research and Impact in Public Health

Bilyidar Cultural Awareness and Leadership Program (2007)


  • Graham Brown
  • Roanna Lobo


Through implementing a post-only quantitative and qualitative research approach to determine, from the participants and stakeholders perspective, the extent to which the Bilyidar program: fostered positive relationships and understanding of Indigenous culture; increased opportunity for healthy life choices; developed life and leadership skills; and achieved active involvement and support from the community.

Key Outcomes

The research is a follow up study of past Bilyidar Program, participants 1 to 3 years after their initial participation. The project will take a strong youth participation and empowerment model by training past Bilyidar program participants to take on the role of peer-interviewers and peer-research assistants in conducting the research. The project will also contribute to the broader understanding of peer based health promotion and influence as part of the MY-Peer Consortium research.

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