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Curtin University
Collaboration for Evidence, Research and Impact in Public Health

A Pilot Study of Website to Support Breastfeeding Women in Rural Western Australia


Chief Investigator

Project Manager/PhD Candidate:

  • Ms Kylee Cox


  • Healthway Starter Grant ($29,810)

Project Aim and Objectives

The aim of this pilot study is to conduct a feasibility study to determine the most appropriate content for an Internet intervention to support breastfeeding women in rural Western Australia. This starter project will support an overarching research project (Evaluation of the Use of an Internet Intervention to Sustain Breastfeeding Duration in Regional Western Australia) which will utilise the Internet to support breastfeeding duration in mothers from regional areas.

The objectives of this study were:

  • To determine the most appropriate content for an Internet intervention Website to support breastfeeding women in regional Western Australia.
  • To pilot the usefulness of the established Internet intervention Website.

Project Overview

Postnatal women were interviewed and/or surveyed to ascertain their thoughts and opinions on what they would find useful to help support them to breastfeed. Experts in the area of breastfeeding were interviewed and/or surveyed to ascertain their thoughts on information they feel would be useful to support breastfeeding mothers. A Web marketing expert provided support and feedback on the best method for presenting the Web content. Postnatal women were invited (post development of the Website) into the project for two months during which time they accessed the Internet intervention Website and provided feedback on its efficacy. 

Key Outcomes

This starter project assisted in developing an efficacious Internet intervention project Website for the overarching research project. The results of this project ensured the provision of optimum information to participants in the overarching project. This is important as many new mothers can find breastfeeding to be challenging in the first few weeks when time is often limited. Quick and readily available information is paramount. Piloting the project Website ensured appropriate content for the mothers. In addition, this pilot phase allowed any technological problems to be resolved before going live. Data collected from this formative project may be retained for inclusion in the overarching project. At the very least, the data collected can be used in preparation of an advance journal article outlining the project development.

Current Project Status

This project is now completed. Excellent feedback from the Consumer Reference Group and mothers participating in the pilot project enabled the development of an excellent website. Development and maintenance of the website is ongoing in this ever changing world of social media.

Associated Projects


  • Pannu, P.K., Giglia, R.C., Binns, C.W., Scott, J.A. & Oddy, W.H. The effectiveness of health promotion materials and activities on breastfeeding outcomes. Acta Paediatrica (in press).
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